Webinar: Empower Your Marketing and Sales Teams with Hubspot

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Businesses are being challenged more than ever before due to the coronavirus pandemic, and digital tools like HubSpot have been a game changer to companies and their marketing teams striving to land new customers and collect valuable data.

In a webinar presented by The Business Journal, Prodigal Co. president and lead brand strategist, Jeff Hedrich, and creative director and senior copywriter, Adrienne Sabo, joined Casey Peddicord, a channel account manager at HubSpot, to discuss using the platform to optimize marketing strategies, generate leads and convert customers.

“Virtually every category has been impacted,” Hedrich said. “A sliver has been impacted in a good way and positioned well for the pandemic, whether intentionally or just through circumstance. But a lot of businesses have suffered and found challenges, and those challenges will continue.”

Chief among those challenges is landing new customers – a task made increasingly more complex as customer visits are suspended and trade shows go virtual, Sabo said. Recent trends in marketing emails being sent, however, shows a “drastically increased” rate in emails being opened, indicating that people are spending more time in their inboxes.

“So, it’s a really good time to adapt some new technology that might be able to help you reach your customers more effectively,” she said.

As an inbound marketing software platform, Hubspot includes everything a marketer needs to streamline the process of turning a cold lead into a warm lead and, eventually, into a customer, Peddicord said. What started as a marketing automation platform has added “more parts and pieces” over the years that serves both marketers and sales teams.

“Imagine a platform or a tool where you can do anything and everything digital for your business,” Peddicord said. “Things like managing all your social media, posting to all your social media accounts, doing all your ad campaigns like your LinkedIn ads and Google ads, and quickly being able to build landing pages.”

Hubspot also offers tools for blogging, email marketing, A/B testing, video and live chat, campaign reporting and analytics.

In this webinar, Peddicord, Hedrich and Sabo review these tools and how to put them to use for business. Watch the video above for all the details.

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