Well-Rounded Employees Serve Clients at SSB

Submitted by Julie Miller, Firm Administrator
196 N. Broad St., Canfield, Ohio 44406

CANFIELD, Ohio – SSB’s vision, which was clearly defined last year, is to nurture an environment of trust, respect and collaboration while helping our team and our clients to thrive. These are not just words, but a vision shared and demonstrated by all members of the management team and embraced by the firm as a whole. This is not just a job or a place to work and not just co-workers and clients. This truly is a family where meaningful relationships are developed.

Employees pictured above include Julie Miller, Eric Ehrenberg, Judy Sees, Alicia Mansky, Kayla Emanuelson, Emilee Smrek, Denise Harlan, Shelly Phipps, Zachary Hall, Alaina Fullerman, Nicole Ramson, Janice Jasinski, Jenny Jamison, Amy Klenec, Jeff Grace, Jim Ellcessor, Joe Schneider, Julie Stanislaw, Elaine Remick, Moira Fair, Sam Fries, Drew Klapac, Bryant Croach, Steve Theil and Joe Marks.

We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and encourage and support each other in difficult times. The work environment is collaborative — not competitive. We teach and we learn, and we regularly consult each other to discuss ideas. Job satisfaction is a priority, and there is opportunity to pursue your passions and specialize in areas of interest. 

Team members are exposed to many different aspects of the accounting profession as part of their development. The firm also recognizes the importance of balance between work and home. 

Our clients have certain expectations, and the team strives to meet those expectations by successfully managing workload and family obligations. The culture of the firm has always been that it is absolutely acceptable, with no guilt or judgment from others, for you to leave work early if your child has a softball game or a choir program at school. In return, team members are accountable for making up hours and communicating with others on jobs in process.

We recognize that everyone has something to contribute to make our business work, and each individual’s contribution is important. It takes a team to provide good, quality service to our clients. SSB clients don’t work with one of us — they work with all of us. 

SSB is a fun place to work. We host many team building activities and get togethers so we can relax and have fun as a group. Even something as simple as “Salad Bar Wednesday” brings the team together in the same spirit as a family would get together. 

This strengthens our bond and affords us the opportunity to get to know each other better, which helps us grow as a team and promotes our positive environment. SSB is well known in the Mahoning Valley, and the firm is generous in its support of local charities, schools and professional organizations. 

Team members are encouraged to be involved members of the community and are provided opportunities to join organizations as board members and volunteers — both individually and as a group. 

The last couple years have been unique to say the least. I am so proud of how the SSB team showed strength and resilience in overcoming the obstacles presented to many of us. We are definitely thriving!

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