What Is Leadership? | The C Level Strategy Series with Jon Arnold | Segment 6

In this multipart series, Jon Arnold, president of investment services at J. Arnold Wealth Management, talks with area business leaders about the issues businesses face every day.

On the panel are Barb Ewing, CEO of the Youngstown Business Incubator; Holly Swartz, vice president of Personal Protected; Arthur Daly, senior vice president at Eastern Gateway Community College Youngstown; and Jeff Leo Herrmann, CEO of the Youngstown Publishing Co.

In this video, the panel discusses how they define leadership.

“If you can describe leadership, if you were to give a dictionary term from your heart, what would that be?” asks Arnold.

For Ewing, leadership means seeing a gap and trying to fill it, “and recognizing that there are really important community needs that aren’t always being addressed,” she says.

“Instead of the community continuing to do the same old, same old, somebody or a group of people step in and decide that they’re going to change things,” she says. “They don’t like how things are and they’re willing to try to figure out a better path forward.”

Leadership means listening and caring about the people one is leading, adds Swartz, and being willing to step out of one’s comfort zone to lead by example.

“I feel like it’s necessary to be able to say, ‘Yes, I want to be part of something bigger,’ ” Swartz says. “When you’re leading people, I think that you also have to look not just ahead and think you’re dragging people with you; you’re looking at the people that are with you and you’re bringing them along because you’re showing some great examples of what leadership would be.”

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