YBI Hosts Blockchain Seminar April 17

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Youngstown Business Incubator will host the Around the Block roadshow April 17, a series of events organized by Cleveland-based Flashstarts, to discuss blockchain and the opportunities the technology offers.

The event will be held at 4:30 p.m. at Whistle & Keg downtown.

Flashstarts is one of the organizers of the Blockland movement, a 1,500-member effort to encourage the development of blockchain technology within northeastern Ohio. 

“Blockchain and Blockland present a once-a-generation opportunity to transform our region,” said Flashstarts CEO Charles Stack in a release. “We largely missed previous technology waves and as a result have fallen behind other cities in job creation and economic development. Let’s not miss this one.”

Blockchain is an information system that uses records linked by cryptography to create a digital ledger of information, with each block containing the data of the one that came before it. It can be used to track manage medical records, transactions, customer data and more.

“Blockchain technologies and the Blockland initiative is something that has certainly been creating quite the buzz and we want to encourage people to learn more about that value it can bring,” said YBI director of marketing Corey Patrick.

More information about the event, as well as registration, can be found here.

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