Youngstown City Health District Receives $52K in State Funds

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Youngstown City Health District was recently awarded $52,500 in state funds from the Ohio Commission on Minority Health.

The funds are part of the commission’s Local Offices on Minority Health grant program, which is dedicated to eliminating health disparities in minority communities through the implementation of four core competences: monitoring and reporting the health status of minority populations; informing, educating and empowering people; mobilizing community partnerships and actions; and developing policies and plans to support health efforts. 

“Reducing infant mortality and supporting our moms and babies is made easier with greater financial investment from the state,” said state Rep. Lauren McNally of Youngstown, D-59th. “The people on the ground, who know our community well and are closest to the problems, are best positioned to do the work that needs to be done. We must continue supporting those local efforts.”

The funds support city and county health departments in their goals to meet health department accreditation criteria, as well as outreach to racial and ethnic populations to ensure access during a public health crisis. The Local Offices on Minority Health are located within urban areas in Ohio, including Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Toledo.

“With this funding, the Youngstown City Health District will continue to house the Youngstown Local Office on Minority Health under the guidance of Director Ms. Golie Stennis,” said Erin Bishop, Youngstown City Health District health commissioner. “The goals for this year will be on reducing infant mortality, educating the community on the importance of healthy lifestyles, addressing the social determinants of health and focusing on racial disparities and inequities.”

Pictured at top: In this image captured from video, Erin Bishop, Youngstown City Health District health commissioner, speaks about the establishment of four Youngstown Health Improvement Zones in November 2022.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.