Davis YMCA to Offer New Fitness Program for Seniors

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — YMCA of Youngstown will offer EnhanceFitness, an evidence-based physical activity program proven to increase the physical, mental and social functioning of older adults, particularly those with arthritis,.

The programs will be available to older adults at the Davis Family YMCA starting Aug. 10. Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 p.m. and Fridays at 3 p.m. Locations and times for classes in Youngstown and Austintown will be announced later this summer, the YMCA said.

YMCA of the USA, through a national alliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provided grants to 20 YMCAs in 17 states. The grants enable each Y to offer the program in at least one program site.

The program is being offered at YMCAs nationwide through a licensing agreement with Senior Services Inc., the Seattle-based nonprofit that developed the EnhanceFitness program model.

“Providing healthy aging programs is a priority for the Y, especially as the number of older adults continues to rise,” said Michelle Edison, Davis YMCA wellness program coordinator. “We are excited to collaborate with Y-USA, the CDC and Senior Services to offer older adults the support they need to build physical strength and decrease arthritis symptoms in a fun atmosphere.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 52 million Americans have arthritis, including about half of all adults over age 65. Nearly 23 million Americans report that arthritis limits their physical activity, and members of racial and ethnic minority communities tend to suffer disproportionately. Research has shown that low-intensity physical ac tivity performed on a regular basis can reduce pain, improve functioning, elevate mood and delay the onset of disability.

As an EnhanceFitness provider, the Y’s certified staff will offer older adults three hour-long classes per week that include research-based aerobic, strength training, balance and flexibility exercises that are safe, effective and modifiable for a variety of fitness levels.

Fitness assessments will be conducted every four months to track participants’ progress. In addition to physical benefits, the program focuses on providing a fun, social atmosphere that fosters relationships between program participants.

For more information contact Edison at 330 480 5656, ext. 236, or via email at medison@younstownymca.org.

Source: YMCA of Youngstown.

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