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Jeff Ryznar, 898 Marketing

Jeffrey Ryznar, founder and president of 898 Marketing in Canfield, is a strategic marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in delivering results for regional and national brands.  After graduating from Ursuline High School, he obtained his B.S. in marketing and management information systems from Miami University in 2002.
He successfully oversaw the marketing and advertising efforts for Ford Motor Co. (New York) and General Motors (Chicago) Dealer Associations throughout the Midwest, including the Mahoning Valley. Jeff also oversaw the strategic marketing initiatives for the Cleveland Cavaliers as the team’s director of strategic marketing, and served as vice president of marketing for Phizzle, a San Francisco-based engagement automation company named one of Forbes magazine’s Most Promising Companies.

Pitfalls to Avoid in Your 2019 Marketing Plan

With the New Year approaching, many companies will be focusing on their marketing efforts for 2019.

The New Year brings new opportunities to have a positive impact with your customers, employees and your product offerings, which helps your resolutions become realities.

However, the practice of developing your marketing plan for 2019 brings with it the inevitable question: How much are you going to spend?

Many people view their marketing as a cost center. When things get tight, usually, marketing is the first place where the reigns get tightened and budgets are cut.


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