CEO Sparks First Choice Electrical Solutions

Michael Oakes, Owner
First Choice Electrical Solutions, Alliance

Michael Oakes, owner of First Choice Electrical Solutions, really cares about his employees. Mike works to keep great people on board with us and takes their needs into account. If someone needs time off, he’s very understanding that people have unexpected things come up. The team feels like a family and everyone cares for one another. We have group activities such as March Madness brackets, team meetings, holiday get-togethers, lunch outings and more. I think that all of the activities Mike plans for our company sets our workplace apart.

Nominated by Mackenzie Zets

Pictured at top: The staff, front row:  Andrew Dulcie, shop assistant; Kate Kahler (and baby), purchasing manager; Chuck Dulcie, chief operating officer; Mackenzie Zets, AP/AR clerk; Jodi Fellers and Sarah Oakes. Back row: Craig Vavrock, controller; Thomas Hippely, shop manager; Scott Fellers, client support; and Michael Oakes, CEO.