Platt Insurance Owner Inspires Employees

Ellie Platt, Owner
Platt Insurance Group, Howland

Ellie Platt, owner of Platt Insurance Group in Howland, makes the agency a great place to work, her employees say.

“I have worked for Ellie for 12 years,” says Kate Guesman. “She is the most wonderful, understanding boss I have ever worked for. The agency is not only dedicated to our clients and the community, but also to those of us who work here.”

Adds Amelia D’Angelo, “…As a 24-year-old woman, I am honored to have Ellie as a mentor to help guide me, provide support and be my motivator as I establish my career and my life path.”

Separately, Rebecca Lohr nominated “all of my co-workers. I am confident that if I needed help with something professional or personal, I could count on any of my co-workers to come to my rescue.”

Nominated by Kate Guesman, Amelia D’Angelo, Rebecca Lohr.

Pictured, front row from left: Griffin Lough, Elizabeth Moran and Kristy Johnson. Back row: Kate Guesman, Cindy Rudinsky, Ellie Platt, Rosalie VanCamp, Connie Fauvie, Rebecca Lohr and Amelia D’Angelo.