ServPro Answers Need For Biohazard Services

Submitted By Jim Standohar
Marketing Director, ServPro of East Mahoning County, Youngstown

Is your business back to normal?

The nature of our business is to assist those in need during and in the aftermath of a disaster or misfortune.

The pandemic falls into the category of a “national disaster” of sorts and created a great need for our biohazard services.

We were equipped to handle sanitizing and disinfecting services at a number of businesses and residences as early as February 2020.

What was once a smaller portion of our service mix has now become a much more frequent request.

What is your “new normal?”

With the increase in demand for our biohazard services, the new normal for us has come in the form of a paradigm shift.

A new awareness and precaution on each job has fostered a change in our processes and procedures.

We must now consider virus protection protocols for our employees and our customers at all times.

Wearing personal protection equipment (PPE), sanitizing/disinfecting equipment and tools upon the completion of each job is mandatory.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

We realize the services our industry provides were in high demand during the pandemic.

We worked around the clock helping businesses stay open and conduct business in the safest way possible. Our Certified: ServPro Cleaned program blanketed the country, providing a higher standard of clean.

We also supported the efforts of first responders with complimentary sanitization services to police, fire and EMT vehicles and shared spaces.

We initiated a very successful food drive through the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley, which raised over 5,000 pounds of food and hygiene products.

Our vehicle fleet, equipment and office supplies are purchased with local vendors whenever possible.

During the pandemic, we created our Take-Out Tuesday promotion designed to share and encourage support of local restaurants on social media. We continuously support our local restaurants with daily food orders.

Our Toys for Tots campaign helped provide a better Christmas for those families affected by job loss and layoff.