YSU Grads Will Make a Lasting Difference

By Ross Morrone
Chief Marketing Officer, Youngstown State University

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – This past weekend, Youngstown State University graduated more than 1,500 students at Stambaugh Stadium.

Hard-earned undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees were awarded. It was a time for celebration as the next generation of graduates transitioned from higher education into the real world.

For those of us who work at the university, we said goodbye to many individuals with whom we have worked alongside over the past four years. Those students brought energy, curiosity, laughter and a willingness to work hard for professional experiences that helped round out their resumes as they prepared to join the workforce.

As someone who has heavily relied on students to help our marketing department accomplish day-to-day goals, I know the impact they have on our operations. What I want to convey to the readers of this edition of The Business Journal are my thoughts on the long list of advantages that come with hiring a current student, or recent graduate, within your business.

When I read through the pages of The Business Journal, I get a sense of the good things happening in the Mahoning Valley and throughout the region. Many of those stories have connections to Youngstown State, whether through partnerships, co-ops, research or alumni who are demonstrating success within their fields. In addition, there are many great stories about local industries proving – no matter what phase of the pandemic we are in or what wave of the economy we are riding – that we remain steadfast in our efforts to move forward, grow and succeed.

As chief marketing officer at Youngstown State University, it is my job to create marketing and advertising campaigns that reflect our strategic goals and encourage high school students to make us their first choice when it comes to choosing a college. I could go on for days about the value of an education at YSU. Affordability, hands-on learning, small class sizes, diversity, living and learning opportunities, extracurricular activities – those are just some of the advantages that make up the Youngstown State experience.

During my more than 16 years in higher education, I have learned a lot about today’s students. They are, first and foremost, hard-working. Many of them are juggling more than one job along with a full class schedule and families to care for; an average day comprised of many roles and responsibilities. Secondly, they are fast learners; information is always just a click away. Today’s college student can learn just about anything, instantly and conveniently, through devices they carry in their pockets. They are adept at researching information quickly.

Many of our current students and recent graduates were born during the age of cellphones and the internet with an average birth year post 2000. They are conditioned to be curious and seek out answers on their own. Furthermore, they are tuned in to social and economic realities with a keen sense of what is happening in the world, and a sharp awareness of their position within a generation that will make a lasting impact on the world and understand that they will play an important part in shaping the future.

So, how does all this impact you and your business? There are more than 1,500 new graduates from Youngstown State actively looking for work, and over 11,000 current students looking for internships, co-ops or part-time jobs – all of them looking for that real world experience. When you hire one of our students or recent graduates, you are gaining a hard-working, intelligent employee, tuned into modern technology with cutting-edge skills, who, if given the opportunity, will make a positive, lasting difference within your workforce.

Interested in providing an internship opportunity, or hiring a recent grad? Visit YSU.edu/career-academic-advising/handshake-employers to get started with posting a position.

From all of us at YSU, we wish the best for the Class of 2022!