Business Strategies Video Network Launches Web Dev 101

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The first series of the 2019 season from The Business Journal’s new Business Strategies Video Network launches today with Web Dev 101.

Web Dev 101 is a monthly video series that focuses on the specifics of website development and coaches viewers on how to use a website to make a bigger impact in their business. Topics range from mobile responsiveness and search engine optimization, to more advanced discussions on the digital marketing funnel and whether websites should have an SSL certificate.

The first episode, “What Are the Different Types of Websites,” breaks down the type of websites that business owners can choose from when developing an online presence for their company. Host Joe Jorgenson, president of the Columbus-based RobinTek, explains the differences between website types – business card/brochure, lead generation, e-commerce and web-based software – and what business owners should consider when choosing the best type of site for their company.

“Determining the type of site that you need can make your project more cost-efficient and the outcome more successful,” Jorgenson explains in the video.

For companies looking to gain more leads and customers regularly, he recommends a lead-generation website. Depending on how many products or services a company offers, a lead-generation website can range from a few dozen pages to thousands, he says, making search engine optimization, or SEO, a top priority.

To hear more from Jorgenson, watch the first episode of Web Dev 101 at

Starting in January, The Business Journal will release the 2019 season of the Business Strategies Video Network with additional video series, says Jeff Leo Herrmann, chief revenue officer. The idea, he says, is to create a central location where viewers can get instant access to valuable, engaging content that they can use to build their businesses tomorrow.

“Distractions are at an all time high and loyalty is at an all-time low. If you’re not present online in a meaningful way, then companies can quickly become irrelevant,” Herrmann says. “We built the Business Strategies Video Network to help our clients maintain visibility and drive more new business leads by educating their customers to dominate their market. I am beyond thrilled to launch Web Dev 101 as the first series in our 2019 season on the BSVN. Stay tuned, because there is much more to come.”

Additional BSVN series will be divided into 10 channels: Banking and Financial Services, Accounting and Financial Operations, Legal Services, Insurance and Employee Benefits, Leadership, Culture and HR Best Practices, Sales and Marketing Success, Technology and Productivity Tips, Health and Wellness, and Entrepreneurship and Startups.

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