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Joe Jorgenson, President at Robin Technologies, has over 18 years of web development experience and has been an A+ certified hardware technician since 1997. During his time at Robintek, Joe has managed hundreds of clients; assisting them with effective marketing strategies and finding more efficient ways to mange their business through the use of technology.

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What Is the Digital Marketing Funnel?

The digital marketing funnel is an old-marketing concept used to track the customer life cycle. In it's simplest form, it's described as four phases: awareness, interest, desire and action. More sophisticated models of the marketing funnel include post-purchase stages and several pre-purchase stages, such as engagement, education, research, evaluation and moves into justification of the purchase. Post-purchase stages move into adoption, retention, expansion and advocacy. In this edition of Web Dev 101, Joe Jorgenson tells how mapping out the different...

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