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Joe Jorgenson, President at Robin Technologies, has over 18 years of web development experience and has been an A+ certified hardware technician since 1997. During his time at Robintek, Joe has managed hundreds of clients; assisting them with effective marketing strategies and finding more efficient ways to mange their business through the use of technology.

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What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay per click marketing is a type of inbound marketing that has you paying organizations like Google or Facebook for displaying your ads. But you only pay when someone clicks the link. “The big question is, ‘Should I be spending money on PPC marketing?’ ” says Joe Jorgenson, President at Robintek. PPC can be an effective tool in your digital marketing portfolio, but it shouldn’t be the focus. In this edition of Web Dev 101, Jorgenson explains how pay per...

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