Calling the Right Play During a Pandemic

In the latest installment of Gameplan for Growth, PALO Creative president and CEO Rob Palowitz is joined by Joe Rzonsa, owner of Blue Wolf Tavern and Event Center, to discuss the ways Rzonsa has adapted his business during the pandemic.

“The first couple of weeks were extremely difficult,” Rzonsa says. “In that first week especially, the numbers were horrifying.”

The restaurant was losing thousands of dollars a day, but at some point, things began to improve. Rzonsa says that when the restaurant began donating meals to local hospitals, first responders and nursing homes, those numbers began to turn around as the community began to reciprocate that support.

Rzonsa  also credits PALO Creative’s help in developing a promotional strategy for helping to get the word out that Blue Wolf was still operating in a safe and effective manner.

“The team at PALO has remained readily available to guide us with great, trendy and innovative ideas to help us get the word out, and it has been exponentially appreciated,” says Rzonsa. “We wouldn’t be where we are without their help.”

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