Brewery Pours New Life into City

In the June issue Penguin City Brewing's new $4 million brewery is breathing new life into the east end of downtown Youngstown. Also in this issue: We examine the impact of tourism on the region's economy.

June 2022 Issue

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Direction Home of Eastern Ohio Cares About Employees

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Brewery Pours New Life into City

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Tourism Makes an Impact on Region

Journal Opinion: Not in Our Front Yard

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As Oil and Gas Prices Climb, So Do Royalties

A Hot Market Within a Hot Market

Family Bond Keeps TSI Strong Amid Changes

Autonomous Cars and Burma-Shave Signs

Valley’s Residential Real Estate Market ‘in the Midst of a Shift’

Washington Funeral Services Adds Jaylex Event Center

YSU Graphic Design Students Brush Off Art Degree Stigma

Canine Campus Remains ‘Paws-itive’ Amid Changes

Hillards Build Their Business By the Books – and More

Commentary: Heels

O.T. Beight Marks 125 Years as Family Business

Steel Museum in Youngstown Celebrates 30 Years

Taste Testing Home Brews at Purple Cat

Foreign Exchange Program Creates Lasting Connections

5 Challenges for Family-Owned Businesses

Commentary: The Kidd and Me