Great Co-Workers: Linda Heater

Linda Heater
Chief Nursing Officer, Steward Health Care, Trumbull and Sharon Regional Medical Centers

Linda Heater was nominated by two co-workers .

“Linda’s compassionate and nurturing demeanor as a nurse shines through into her leadership role. She is a strong advocate for the needs of her staff, as well as the entire hospital team. Even on the toughest days and during the most difficult situations she remains upbeat and positive” says Cindy Russo.

Rochelle Penman says, “We have been through some of the toughest times in health care in recent years. Yet Linda is the epitome of positivity. Her dedication to the profession and support of her team shines through her constant smile. She is a leader who puts her team first and consistently implements techniques to help them elevate their careers. I hear remarks from nurses who feel appreciated and part of a team, and this is largely because of Linda’s dedication.”

Nominated by Cindy Russo and Rochelle Penman

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.