Great Co-Workers: Rollin Gosney

Rollin Gosney
CEO, TG Real Estate, Columbiana

Rollin Gosney is one of a kind. He is quick to share knowledge and he takes the time to meet with agents to personally train them. He leads by example and he inspires everyone to reach higher, to learn more and to be better. He always asks his employees and agents, “What do you need?” Then he truly listens and responds to those needs.

I believe his success is due to his genuinely kind nature and willingness to connect with others. He makes you believe in yourself and gives you all the training and tools needed to succeed. A CEO who is supportive in word and deed, willing to work side-by-side with his staff, who truly listens and makes every effort to respond quickly is why I think he enjoys such amazing success and long-lasting relationships.

Coming to work is effortless and stress-free because I know that if I have a question, it is safe to ask. If I have an idea, I am free to share. If I need something to make my job easier, it will be provided. I can’t imagine myself ever going anywhere else.

Nominated by Laura Phillips

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.