The Growth Report Just Got Bigger

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The most popular edition of The Business Journal just got two times bigger.

One annual Growth Report edition is no longer enough to contain all the exciting updates within the Mahoning and Shenango Valley business and nonprofit communities. In response to surging demand among local organizations to be part of this annual mega-issue, the Growth Report will now be a two-part series published as the first two print-edition issues of the year.

We decided to publish two editions this year because, quite simply, we are limited to how many pages can be printed in full color, stapled and mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. In recent years, demand was so great that we’ve had to make drastic cuts to Growth Report story submissions and turn away advertisers who wanted to be part of this publication.

By adding a second edition, we can include more submissions and more of each organization’s growth report story. We can also introduce submitted photography and graphics to improve the overall look and layout of the Growth Report. We hope you find this as exciting as we do. We will continue to print all pages – and all ads – in full color.

Growth Report 1, published Jan. 18, will focus on economic and community development with stories submitted by:

  • Economic and community development agencies
  • Foundations and nonprofits
  • Professional associations
  • Educational institutions
  • Labor unions

Stories for Growth Report 1 are due Jan. 6, and ads are due Jan. 10.

In Growth Report 2, we’ll feature stories on business and industry, and will include company stories submitted by individual for-profit businesses, as well as hospitals and health-care facilities.

Growth Report 2 publishes Feb. 15. Stories are due Jan. 21 and ads are due Feb. 7.

The Growth Report has consistently been our most well-read issue of the year. Readership surveys tell us it is repeatedly referenced throughout the year and consumed in great detail. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to tell your company’s story of growth over the last year.

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