when is the best time of day to workout

When Is the Best Time of Day to Workout?

Is it best to workout first thing in the morning? Are there benefits to working out in the evening?

These are common questions that Erin Mellinger has the answers for in this installment of her :90 Guru video series. She explains the pros and cons to working out in the morning or evening, and offers additional insight into meal planning throughout the day to accommodate your workouts.

Ultimately, she says the best time of day to workout is “whenever you can get it in.”

With five locations of Fitness Together under her belt, owner Erin Mellinger believes business success has come from staying laser focused on client results as a company.

Fitness Together is the area’s largest, most personal fitness experience that helps clients get active in ways they enjoy, learn proper exercise forms and routines, give them realistic nutrition support, keep them motivated and hold them accountable to their goals.

Mellinger opened the first Fitness Together in Canfield, 6579 Ironwood Blvd., in July 2008, with only three employees. A second location opened in Poland, 6541 Clingan Road, in April 2012, a third in Howland, 8720 E. Market St., in 2014, a fourth in Medina, 3725 Medina Road, later that year, and a fifth in Fairlawn, 2890 Sand Run Parkway, in February 2018.

Client results have been the reason for success at Fitness Together. When people look and feel better, they are loyal to Fitness Together and will keep coming back for more. The clients are also walking advertisements since the results of hard work with Fitness Together can be seen.

All training sessions at Fitness Together are done in completely private, fully equipped training suites. No audience, no sharing equipment, and no distractions.

Many of the clients start out at Fitness Together with prior injuries, current health issues or a distorted view of exercise and weight loss. Fitness Together helps to customize the safest and most effective exercise and nutrition plan for each client and the staff will do whatever it takes to keep the clients accountable and seeing realistic results.

Health is a way, not a place. Fitness Together can’t promise overnight success or weight loss without putting in the work and staying disciplined.

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