Wolf Speaks on Life with Tourette’s at Score Meeting Tonight

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Britney Wolf will give a presentation on living with Tourette syndrome at The Soap Gallery, hosted by the Youngstown chapter of Score.

The event starts at 6 p.m. and can also be watched via Zoom by clicking HERE. It will also be posted on Youngstown Score’s YouTube channel after the event.

Diagnosed with Tourette syndrome when she was 7, Wolf has dedicated her life to breaking down stigmas about the neurological disorder. She’s spoken at students at Northeastern Ohio Medical University and to educators across the country.

“I want people to understand that we’re not the joke that people often see. We’re hirable. We’re not just the bad students in class,” Wolf told The Business Journal. “We want to learn and work and just because I have Tourette Syndrome doesn’t mean I can’t learn or work. If you hire someone with a disability, in my opinion, they’re going to be the hardest worker because we’ve all had to fight so much to prove that we’re more than the stigma that’s attached to us.”


An employee at Nestle, she’s worked as part of the disability pillar in the company’s employee resource group, speaking to other workers about her condition and how they can make their workplaces more accommodating.

Next year, her book, “Ticking My Way through Life,” will be released. Much of the book focuses on what it’s been like living with Tourette Syndrome, but it also includes sections that invites readers to reflect on their own experiences.

I ask [employers] to think about what they’re doing for people with disabilities, if they have preconceived ideas about someone with a disability, how they can be a better ally. There’s a similar section for teachers and other support systems,” she said. “With this, I want to make another little girl with Tourette Syndrome feel not so alone like I did sometimes.”

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