Women in Business: Traci Miller

Traci Miller, President of Color3 Apparel Decorators in Warren, was tasked with buying logo apparel in 1995 and the experience was less than stellar. That was the initial spark that launched Color 3 with a “be better” mission. With a grit mentality, she leaned in to learn the trade and industry while continuously leveling up her knowledge of business operations. Today Color 3 is a respected vendor in the decorated apparel industry with a national client base and a focus on exceptional service.

Traci did not imagine what the future held for the company. “It was extremely hard to visualize back then what we are today. Especially when you are doing everything with one or two people. Imagining a team independent of you seems impossible.” She credits the many mentors and entrepreneur peers that shared their knowledge through the years to the personal development that led to the growth of the company.

Being true to who you are at your core, pouring those values into the company, and growing a team in alignment has been the foundation of the overall success, she says.