AMA: Building a Team | 3 Marketing Priorities

As you review your 2019 marketing strategy, you may have some questions, such as what to prioritize in your overall strategy when you have a limited marketing budget? This year, Jeff Ryznar of 898 Marketing in Canfield will be answering your marketing strategy questions in his new Business Strategies Video Network series called: Ask the Marketer Anything.

In the inaugural installment of AMA | Ask the Marketer Anything, Jeff takes the first questions of the year from Joe Moss, owner of BlessBody Fit in Liberty Township, and Danielle Procopio, corporate director of marketing, sales and communication at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Retirement Services Inc, who ask him questions on how to improve their businesses for 2019.

“How do you build a team in business? How do you surround yourself with the right people?” – Joe Moss

Before trying to build a team, Jeff advises business owners to first define who they are as a company and the ideals that they and their potential employees believe in. It’s important to understand what the business provides to its customers and the community beyond the products and services it offers.

“Between traditional marketing mediums and new digital strategies, what are three marketing priorities for 2019?” – Danielle Procopio

Jeff recommends setting realistic goals, maintaining a consistent message and embracing social media and content marketing as part of a daily strategy this year. While that doesn’t mean companies should abandon traditional marketing strategies, a consistent social media marketing strategy will help companies connect with the consumers who use social media to begin their purchasing decisions before contacting a company.

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