Marketing Through Community Engagement

Content marketing is the foundation of any business marketing plan that marries both a strategic and creative approach. The value of the content you create coupled with how you distribute that content to your audience and potential customers is the foundation for driving profitable business actions and retaining long-term customers. 

“Content marketing is nothing new. But if content is king, then distribution is queen, and she is calling the shots,” says Jeff Ryznar, president at 898 Marketing

User-generated content is paving the way for individuals to become influential in their communities and in their business. This could be in the form of an eye-catching Instagram photo, an enticing social media post, a funny Tik Tok or even a Snapchat video. 

One local professional successfully leveraged content marketing for her own business and for her community. Lisa Resnick, founder of Homes and Hops podcast and commercial real estate expert with Burgan Friedkin Commercial Group found her niche in podcasts. 

“What started as a simple podcast idea to showcase the positive impact of breweries on commercial real estate turned into a way to connect with clients and the community,” Resnick says. She realized that by putting out engaging content, she not only was able to connect on a whole new level with clients, but also drive traffic to different spots in her local community.

To learn more, watch the video above.

898 Marketing in Canfield, at 5721 Shields Road, Suite A, is a strategic marketing and creative consultancy delivering accountable business development campaigns with a relentless commitment to brand growth and digital innovation.

The company has proven that customized strategic marketing plans incorporating traditional, video, digital, mobile and social tactics do not have to be costly for small and medium-size businesses to be effective. In addition to crafting custom marketing direction designed to achieve business objectives, 898 Marketing serves as a network of resources, including its in-house video production team, TV Eye Productions.

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