Finding a Solution to a New Problem in the Market

While the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to close, it also offered other businesses, like Contagion-Clean in Poland, the opportunity to hone in on solutions to the new challenges that arose in these unprecedented times.

When the pandemic began, Dr. Robert Simerlink, a nurse anesthetist with a Ph.D. in medical science, saw an opportunity to meet a growing demand for fast and effective disinfection services.

Simerlink and two partners, Dan Welsh  and Steven Sullivan, soon formed Contagion-Clean, and company is one of a handful in the region whose solution is on the EPA’s N-List against harmful viruses including SARS and COVID-19. The water-based disinfectant is an alternative to harsh, toxic disinfectants, requiring only minutes to dry before allowing people to return safely to perform their activities or duties.

In episode 8 of “Stop Talking. Start Doing,” Jeffrey Ryznar, founder and president of 898 Marketing, explains how new businesses like Contagion-Clean can take the guesswork out of creating a successful marketing plan by staying focused on their mission and their intended audience.

“Contagion-Clean was hyper-focused on what they did well, and who they’re talking to,” says Ryznar. “It made putting together a plan and a brand that much easier.”

To learn more, watch the video above.

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