AMA: Social Media Analytics | Brand Leverage

In this installment of AMA | Ask the Marketer Anything, Jeff Ryznar of 898 Marketing in Canfield, takes questions from Allison Vross, of Simon Roofing in Boardman, and Josh Zarlenga of HBK CPAs & Consultants in Canfield, who ask him questions on how to improve their businesses for 2019.

“What are the top three social media analytics that I should be focusing on in 2019?” – Allison Vross

Social media is going to play a big factor in many companies’ marketing activities in 2019. There are a variety of metrics, analytics and ways that you can measure success or challenges in areas for opportunity to grow in social media. In this video, Ryznar tells of the three things you should consider when you determine how successful your social media strategy is.

“What is the best way to leverage our brand?” – Josh Zarlenga

Ryznar recommends that your brand and message be uniform, even if you have multiple offices across the country. In this video, he tells of one thing your company can do to keep your brand uniform.

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