Brite Develops Network

WARREN, Ohio – Brite Energy Innovators last year made it a priority to connect with entities in the growing energy storage and battery manufacturing industries.

The Warren-based energy technology incubator forged partnerships with manufacturers, national labs and venture capital firms to strengthen opportunities for the Mahoning Valley.

“Brite expanded its signature programming for the most fascinating technology startups and visionary leaders who are pioneering advanced solutions and world-changing ideas,” says Sara Daugherty, chief of staff. 

2022 was “a year like no other,” she says, in which new programs were launched, accolades were received, and the organization and its member companies experienced “exceptional” growth.

Faced with an ever-growing demand for its expertise from startups, industry, academia and government, Brite developed Brite Network, a platform for advancing energy innovation.

Brite offers an entrepreneur program and support services to enhance decarbonized energy technology startups. It has nine employees.

As the only energy technology entrepreneur program in Ohio, Brite has served more than 600 companies that have created nearly 1,600 jobs and attracted $230 million in investment.