Cleveland Job Corps Solves Housing Problem

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland Job Corps Center has finally solved a dilemma that many of its graduates had been facing: finding affordable housing.

The agency recently teamed up with East Side Business Revival, a grassroots organization that is revitalizing that section of Cleveland.

The partners are working to incorporate rent-to-own housing into their plans – plans that would not only energize the area’s economy, but also create a stable neighborhood.

 William Houston, vice president of CJCC, says the housing element would complete the circle of the agency’s efforts of helping young adults find enduring success in life.

After completing their training, CJCC students would not only have job skills and stable employment, but an affordable place to live.

With a capacity of 345 students, the CJCC is the nation’s largest federally funded residential career training program. Its staff of 171 offers students an opportunity to earn a high school equivalency diploma.

The CJCC trains young adults to find jobs in more than a hundred high-demand trades. It also provides career development services systems.

Founded in 1965, the CJCC has helped over two million young adults.