Mahone Foundation To Expand Services

YOUNGSTOWN — The Andrea Mahone Foundation is looking to expand by providing training for in-demand jobs and helping women with employment opportunities in skilled trades.

The foundation, established in 2020, has four full-time and two part-time employees. Its mission is to provide transitional services that allow individuals to make new choices and reach new goals. 

The foundation assists with housing, employment, transportation, education and skills training to improve the lives of individuals returning from prison or recovering from addiction, children who are considering emancipation and at-risk men and women with mental or emotional distress, as well as individuals who are “broken-hearted,” says Andrea Mahone Blackmon, president.

“Every service offered at Andrea Mahone Transitional Center is carried out with the deeply held belief that every human being deserves love, respect and a chance to live a dignified life,” Mahone Blackmon says.