Creating a Better Intern Experience

“When college students are applying for internships, they’re going to look for something that’s most like a job that they’re going to do once they graduate,” says Sydney Wess, a marketing intern at 898 Marketing in Canfield.

“I know there’s a stereotypical intern where they just run and get coffee and mail, but giving them responsibility so that when they do go in the workforce someday, they can always look back and reflect on the experience that they had at the company that they interned for,” says Stephanie Virgallito, a social media intern at 898 Marketing.

“We’re mainly looking for a nice culture to work in. How the boss treats their workers is mainly the biggest thing that we look at,” says Caitlin Trotta, a creative design intern at 898 Marketing.

In episode 5 of Stop Talking. Start Doing, Wess, Virgallito, and Trotta share some tips on making the intern experience as valuable as possible.

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