Think you have a million-dollar startup business idea? In Startup 101, the YBI’s Jim Cossler provides insight and expertise into building your idea, formulating a business plan and executing that plan for success.

Jim Cossler

Jim Cossler is the Huntington Bank Entrepreneur in Residence of the Youngstown Business Incubator, but is better known throughout the country as the organization’s “chief evangelist.”

Cossler attended Youngstown State University where he studied philosophy and literature.

From his position as senior vice president for corporate services for the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber, Cossler joined the YBI in 1997 as its CEO. At the time, the incubator was positioned as a traditional, mixed use incubator. He soon became the primary architect of its transformation into the nationally known incubator, accelerator and managed B2B software technology cluster that YBI is today.

Cossler’s primary roles are to serve as a mentor and entrepreneurial expert to YBI’s portfolio of companies as well as to build and manage the internal and external relations and networks necessary for their growth and success.

Cossler serves on the business and computer science advisory boards at Kent State University, the University of Akron, Hiram College and Youngstown State University.

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