Are Businesses Back To Normal?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — As we Rally Around Small Business, we surveyed area business owners to see who is back to “normal” as day-to-day life starts to open back up.

The results are a mixed bag. Over the next few weeks, we’ll spotlight these snapshots on our website, email newsletters and social media platforms.

What follows is a selection of businesses and their responses.

Canceled Indoor Meetings Costs LED3 Business

Submitted by Clare Neff, founder and CEO, LED3 LLC

Is your business back to normal?

LED3’s Nick Jordan, LED tech; Eric Stuhlmann, warehouse manager; Kristen Stuhlmann, rental manager; Troy Prelog, senior LED tech and Brian Barry, technology manager at a large installation in a bowling alley in Grand Rapids, Mich. in January 2020.

No. The bulk of our business had been large screen LED displays for installation, as well as rentals for concerts and large meetings. We had added trade show exhibits in 2019.

On March 13, 2020, all upcoming business was canceled, as all indoor meetings went away due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is your “new normal?”

We are expanding our outdoor video screen capabilities by adding a second mobile LED trailer. In addition, we are working with a local trailer manufacturer to custom design mobile displays for other companies.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

We have been working with a manufacturer in Europe, but hope to bring manufacturing of our trailer design to a local company. We also network with other media companies around the country, so everyone works local in their market.

With More People Cleaning, Business Booms for Perry’s

Submitted by Paris Perry, owner, Perry’s Pristine Clean

Is your business back to normal?

Yes, business is back to normal & booming!

I truly believe COVID made people realize the importance of cleaning! It’s not just about making things look and smell nice. No matter the industry, maintaining a clean workplace is not only important for clients and customers, but also for your employees.

Having a clean, hygienic and germ-free workplace will reduce the amount of illnesses being spread around your facility!

What is your “new normal?”

We focus on sanitizing more than ever. High touch areas are crucial – light switches, door handles, anything touched in common areas, etc.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

My family and I have been doing a lot of take out at local restaurants. I also tried to purchase a lot of my Christmas gifts locally as well!

Pandemic Reduces Wholesale Business for Hometown Produce

Submitted by Robert Zimmerman, manager, Hometown Produce Co.

Is your business back to normal?

No. With the foodservice industry seriously affected by the virus, it has reduced our sales to that segment of our wholesale business. The retail sector has increased but not enough to offset the downturn.

What is your “new normal?”

Our ”new normal” requires the drivers to mask up and keep safe distances while making deliveries.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

We always buy local in season and try to support local business as a first priority.

Picture Perfect Cleans up during Pandemic

Submitted by Joe Estremera, owner/operator, Picture Perfect Window Cleaning LLC

Is your business back to normal?

YES. Pandemic made us grow. Everyone wants everything clean now.

What is your “new normal?”

Masks and a lot of disinfectant.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

I eat and shop with customers who do business with me.

Day Care ‘Through the Roof’ at Broadview Acres

Submitted by Carrie Singleton, owner/operator, Broadview Acres Resort

Is your business back to normal?

Remi, the husky birthday girl!

Yes! But with tons of day care and short, last minute trips. Long-term vacation stays are happening and the stays are extra long due to the fact that customers are driving instead of flying, so their pets are staying much longer.

Day care is through the roof due to short day trips or just time at home with breaks for the pets to come play and get out of the house.

What is your “new normal?”

Tons of new day cares, short day trips and lots of grooming. We have added new extra services such as birthday parties, a sensory garden, ball pits and will be offering in-house training very soon!

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

Always! I try and use all food or supply services as local as possible.