Local Businesses Use Pandemic to Expand Reach

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — As we Rally Around Small Business, we surveyed area business owners to see who is back to “normal” as day-to-day life starts to open back up.

The results are a mixed bag. Over the next few weeks, we’ll spotlight these snapshots on our website, email newsletters and social media platforms.

What follows is a selection of businesses and their responses.

Pine Knoll Increases Internet Presence

Submitted by Dorrin Mace, owner, Pine Knoll Clock Shop

Is your business back to normal?

Business is quickly approaching normal, but we have a lot of ground to make up for the 2020 downturn.

What is your “new normal?”

Pine Knoll Clock Shop owner and horologist Dorrin Mace at his workbench

Our new normal is increased availability, increased internet presence and, increased hours in the shop.

How do you Rally Around Small Business and support the business community?

We support all community causes that are made known to us. From silent auctions to fundraisers, if there is a viable local need, we work to be part of the solution

Trinity Playhouse Expands Its Community

Submitted by Kandace Cleland, managing and artistic director, Trinity Playhouse

Is your business back to normal?

No. We have not opened the Trinity Playhouse doors to the public. We are cautiously hopeful to open the doors for our holiday show this December.

What is your “new normal?”

We have worked hard to rehearse shows via Zoom and socially distant at the playhouse to create video productions that we have made accessible online. We’ve challenged ourselves to maintain our mission: “To transform, inspire and connect people through community theatre.” And our community has expanded with our online patrons who access our productions from far away Arizona, California, New Jersey and Wisconsin. When the doors to our playhouse open, we want to keep our new online family as a vibrant part of our “new normal.”

How do you Rally Around Small Business and support the business community?

We are connecting with local artists to grow the creative economy of Lisbon. We believe the arts can bring people to our village to discover unique theatre, music, dance, poetry, storytelling and visual arts and enjoy the food, fun and recreation Lisbon has to offer.

Lifeline Partners Adds Telehealth

Submitted by Louis Nudo, director of marketing/exercise physiologist, Lifeline Partners

Is your business back to normal? 

Yes. Lifeline Partners made a few modifications to adhere to CDC and all other health guidelines. The organization never stopped treating patients in the community.

What is your “new normal?”

Physical Therapy treatments are now being done by telePT and in the home in greater numbers. Our three clinics are still providing therapy. Transportation is available to our clinics.

How do you Rally Around Small Business and support the business community?:

Lifeline Partners collaborates with other local health care providers to ensure patient’s obtain the highest quality care to obtain their maximal quality of life.