Synergy Comp Working Better, Continues Growing

Submitted by Rose Kilgore, marketing coordinator, Synergy Comp Insurance Co.

Is your business back to normal?

Yes and no. Our business is not functioning as it has in the past, however, it is functioning better than it was. We had a few remote employees pre-COVID, while the remaining transitioned to remote during COVID. Our business never closed, and we continued to grow while helping our clients. Synergy will never be “normal.” We are continuously improving and changing.

What is your new normal?

Our “new normal” is focused on increasing communication internally and externally. Our employees work remote or in-office based on their needs.

Being as we are not in-person, our focus is on building strong relationships internally and externally so we can provide the best services to our agents, clients, and employees.

How do you Rally Around Small Business and support the business community?

Contributing to our local community, foundations, and charitable organizations is a high priority on several levels. As a company, Synergy makes significant contributions to community causes and events and, as an employer, Synergy encourages employees to be involved in the community.

The Synergy Community Foundation did distribute monies in 2020 and will do so again in 2021 for pre-K and parochial educational scholarships.

Pictured: Synergy Comp’s offices in downtown Sharon, Pa.