Hiring, Inventory Present Challenges to Jugenheimer

Submitted by Sara Eicher, vice president, Jugenheimer Industrial Supplies Inc.

Is your business back to normal?

Yes AND no. In many ways, we are back to our typical day to day routines. We are trying to stay fully staffed and we are processing orders as we usually do.

However, some new challenges have presented themselves. Hiring has become a challenge. As we have picked back up, finding qualified candidates is taking much longer than usual.

Also, product availability and pricing has been very unstable. Out of stock items, long lead times, and significant price increases are occurring frequently. We are constantly working with vendors to negotiate pricing, reserve stock and have as much product available for our customers in as short of time as possible.

What is your “new normal?”

Our new normal right now is just adapting. There are still so many unknowns. So much has changed in the last year in every aspect of our business. We know to not get “comfortable” for too long because there is always going to be a new challenge that needs addressed.

How do you Rally Around Small Business?

Many of our customers are small businesses in our community. As always, and through the pandemic, we continue to work hard to source essential products, offer alternatives when needed and supply the products our customers expect from us so they can keep up and running.

Pictured: Sherri Nock, inside sales; Sara Eicher, vice president/treasurer; Cathy Moore, purchasing manager; Brandon Moore, inside sales; Don Clyde, warehouse/driver; Adam Jugenheimer, vice president/secretary.