Golf Story: Youngstown Golf History Runs through YMCA

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The first golf league in the Youngstown came not long after one of the area’s most iconic courses got its start.

Celebrating its 93rd year of play this year, the YMCA Golf League teed off in 1929, the year after Mill Creek Golf Course, designed by the legendary Donald Ross, started operations. “Over the many years, there have been thousands of participants and rounds of golf played,” says the Y’s director of development, Marykaye Carlson.

The course record for a nine-hole game was set by two players in the YMCA league, when Frank Bellino and Andy Santor each shot a 29 – six under par – on separate nights of league play.

And just last year, another record was set when The Royal Oaks team led by Jim Zarlenga won the league for the third straight year.

“As the popularity of golf as a safe activity during COVID continues to rise, the YMCA Golf League is poised to continue making history,” Carlson says.

Pictured: The year is 1918 and YMCA members are taking golf lessons indoors.