Bar Viña to Open in Downtown

In this issue, a vacant restaurant site in Youngstown will return to life this year. Also, a tiny town in Pennsylvania has become the perfect setting for retail tourism, and a new era begins at The Business Journal.

May 2023 Issue

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CEO Sparks First Choice Electrical Solutions

Great Co-Workers: Mary Ann Daniels

SSB Team Provides Support with a Smile

Great Co-Workers: George Garrow, MD

Platt Insurance Owner Inspires Employees

Great Co-Workers: Bill Nock

Co-Founders of Tolmiros Empower Employees

Great Co-Workers: Rachel A. Hrbolich

Great Co-Workers: Ralph Sandy

Reed Drives Vibrant Company Culture at Aim

Great Co-Workers: Shawn C. Sauerwein

Great Co-Workers: David P. Harris Jr.

Food Bank Director Leads with Compassion

Great Co-Workers: Dominic Hernandez

Great Co-Workers: Marlin Palich

Rich Center Staff Described as ‘Amazing’

Great Co-Workers: Sidnie Cope

Bar Viña to Open in Downtown

Patience Needed to Treat Nursing Shortage

Author Links Evictions to Poverty, Homelessness

Teachers Learn Where Classrooms Are Available

Journal Opinion: New Era at The Business Journal

This Year, Skilled Trades Day Is for Kids

Forward Lawrence Advances Development Goals

Choffin Students Clean Up

NLMK Unveils New $95M Walking Beam Furnace

Eyesore in Struthers to Become Art Colony

Commentary: Metta, Malice and Mental Health

Marketing for Longevity: Adapt or Perish

Regional Chamber Honors 3 Business Leaders

Volant Is Ideal Setting for Small Shops

Electric Generator Sales Surge after Outages

Butler Museum Unveils Wing, Mural

Finding an Employer Who Meets Your Needs

Commentary: Pretending to Be Art