Craft Breweries Tap Into Growth

In the MidOctober 2022 edition, craft breweries use varying business models to grow throughout the region, and we find the Valley home to brewers since the earliest immigrants arrived.

MidOctober 2022 Issue

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Women in Business: Megan Vickers

Women in Business: Lana Wilt

Women in Business: Morgen Chretien

Women in Business: Traci Miller

Women in Business: Shaylynn Gosney

Women in Business: Theresa Viviano

Women in Business: Lisa Cardona

Women in Business: Judy Howell

Women in Business: Kelcie Schiraldi

Women in Business: Kennie Long

Women in Business: Patty Summers

Women in Business: Vicki Hall

Women in Business: Shelley Bergman

Women in Business: Aundréa Cika Heschmeyer

Women in Business: Peggy Shadduck, Ph.D.

Women in Business: Nicole Ramson, CPA

Women in Business: Tracie Stephens, CPA

Women in Business: Patty Durkin 

Women in Business: Denise DeBartolo York

Craft Breweries Tap Into Growth

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