Acquisitions Manufacture Growth at Millwood Inc.

VIENNA TOWNSHIP – Millwood, Inc. experienced substantial growth in 2022, acquiring five operations and adding nearly 100 employees. And Millwood plans even more acquisitions in 2023, according to Josh Stipanovich, multimedia manager.

Millwood is a provider of pallets and other materials-handling and packaging products. Last year the company acquired Cleveland Custom Pallet and Crate in Cleveland; Concept Packaging in Florence, South Carolina; Austin Pallet in Pflugerville, Texas; Red Express Pallet Co. in Waco, Texas; and Southworth Wood Products in Beaver, Ohio.

“Each location represents the beginning of opportunities for Millwood in new sales territories,” Stipanovich says.

The Cleveland acquisition boosts the company’s presence in that market and the two acquisitions in Texas are Millwood’s first in that state, he says. 

The Austin operation originally served as a co-packer for Millwood’s core erosion-control product group and will continue to perform that work in addition to pallet manufacturing. The Waco plant is approximately 80 miles away from the Austin operation.

The South Carolina acquisition augments another Millwood operation in that state, while the purchase of the plant in central Ohio – now MillTree East  – is minutes away from its MillTree West operation in Waverly.

This January, Millwood added a second pallet repair operation in New Jersey for a total of 37 locations nationwide, Stipanovich says. 

Millwood, founded in 1996, employs more than 1,800.

“More growth is planned for Millwood in 2023 through acquisitions and additional operations to support new product launches and other programs,” Stipanovich says.

The growth also creates opportunities to expand Millwood’s mission to inspire the love of Jesus Christ, he says.  Each Millwood location is staffed with a chaplain to serve employee’s personal, professional and spiritual needs.