Roof Rite Reports 44% Growth in 2022

YOUNGSTOWN – Adhering to two guiding virtues, performance and reliability, has enabled Roof Rite to grow over the last 49 years, says its founder and president Bill Cruciger.

“Often you hear about businesses who don’t live up to the promises they make to clients,” Cruciger says. “If we tell a client we’re going to complete a project or fix a problem, that’s what we do. Your word means so much to the people you’re working with and building that trust takes time. We’re dedicated to proving ourselves every day.”

Roof Rite increased its business by 44% in 2022, according to Cruciger.

He and his sons, Robert and Chris, anticipate more growth in 2023 from the installation of the company’s solar panel systems. Not only do businesses save money by reducing electricity costs, but tax credits and other benefits help to defray the overall cost.

“As so many people are making the move toward energy-efficiency, we have the capabilities to install solar panels both on a roof as well as on the ground,” Cruciger says. “It’s an investment in the future of their business as well as our planet.”