iSynergy Follows Path of Evolution

CANFIELD, Ohio – At iSynergy, the mantra of “permanent beta” carries over year after year and will be embraced throughout 2023 and beyond.

To meet a growing roster of more than 50 clients, including national businesses Baird Brothers, TecEx, TEMA Roofing Services, RealTime Intel and CTM Labeling, iSynergy’s internal structure was amended in 2022 to promote eight vice presidents, each leading a department. The team grew to 18 local, full-time employees.

“The opportunity to promote from within has built a foundation for our business,” says Steve Cross, owner and creative director of iSynergy.

Also seeing growth in 2022 was iSynergy’s hyper-local Lift Marketing division. Celebrating its one-year anniversary this month, Lift Marketing has more than 150 regional clients. Its team of eight toggles time between iSynergy and Lift responsibilities, providing opportunity for more local businesses to gain access to cutting-edge digital marketing strategies with lower budget commitments.

Established in 2011, iSynergy is a Canfield-based digital marketing agency. From programmatic campaigns to inbound strategies and SEO services, iSynergy is constantly researching, optimizing and testing to find the marketing opportunities that work best for each client.