Youngstown Spine and Disc Invests in New Rehab Equipment

YOUNGSTOWN – In 2022, Youngstown Spine and Disc Inc. found a silver lining in clinic director Dr. Ronald Ruscitti’s knee injury.

During Ruscitti’s rehabilitation, a colleague recommended an MLS robotic class IV laser machine to help his condition. The machine wasn’t available in the Youngstown area, so Ruscitti traveled to Akron for treatment. He was pleased with the results and bought a machine for the clinic, says Teresa Kinney, an insurance secretary at the clinic.

“Not only did it heal his knee, but it healed his right wrist carpal tunnel problem that he had suffered with due to repetitive adjustments given to patients over the years,” Kinney says.

Ruscitti started using the machine on patients for knee, neck and back problems, and also for neuropathy. He found it to be effective, Kinney says. The clinic also purchased a Knee on Trac machine due to an increase in patients with knee problems.

The clinic experienced more than 30% growth in revenue in 2022 compared with the previous year, Kinney says.

In 2023, the clinic plans to hire a therapist to expand its physical therapy services and is looking to bring in another doctor.