YO Lab Trains Medical Community

POLAND, Ohio – Youngstown Medical Training and Education Lab LLC, the Mahoning Valley’s first medical training and education lab, is helping to strengthen the local medical community.

The company, known as YO Lab, is based in Poland. It hosted more than 34 labs in 2022, providing experiences for doctors, residents and students to further their education, says Maura Maloney DiDomenico, managing director.

The lab enables doctors to practice with new devices, implants and techniques on high-quality fresh-frozen human cadaveric tissue.

In response to needs expressed by medical professionals and educators, the lab, which opened in 2017, began offering continuing medical education credits. For a trauma accreditation course, students receive a manual that provides an overview of surgical exposures in five anatomic areas: neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, and upper and lower extremities. The one-day cadaver-based course includes hands-on exposure.

In 2023, the lab looks to host more specialized accreditation courses.

Despite rising operating costs, as well as a cadaver shortage, the lab’s prices have stayed consistent for all clients, says DiDomenico.