Pecchia Boosts Video Chops to Meet Need

CANFIELD, Ohio – As video communications become part of the post-pandemic “new normal,” Pecchia Communications is taking steps to participate in more of the Mahoning Valley’s video production and editing activity.

The company recently named Joseph Catullo multimedia specialist, focusing primarily on video services, and plans to invest in additional video equipment this year.

“Video and video-conferencing tools that grew popular when the pandemic restricted in-person meetings are here to stay,” says Dan Pecchia, president of the company.

“Many organizations that traditionally shied away from video communication are starting to embrace it. We’re seeing more demand for this type of work and we want to position ourselves to take care of more of it.”

Catullo joined Pecchia Communications last year as a project manager and had been a multimedia journalist before that. In recent months, he has spearheaded video projects for Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell, the Mahoning County Land Bank, the city of Youngstown, Pecchia Communications and others.

The rise of new technology and tools has sharply reduced the cost of developing quality video for social media, online gatherings, media campaigns, in-person meetings and many other uses, Catullo says.

“Cost used to be a barrier to smaller companies. But in many cases that’s no longer true,” he says.

“Organizations that have automatically ruled out video in the past should take a fresh look at it,” Catullo continues. “Video can be engaging and compelling. Many consumers are expecting to see products and services portrayed in video.”

Pecchia Communications, based in Canfield, enjoyed a solid year in 2022, with revenue up 4% from the previous year, according to Pecchia. A larger increase is expected this year on the strength of new work the company landed in late 2022.

The firm started work in January with Spectrum Brands, a Fortune 500 company based in Middleton, Wis., on a major internal communications project. Spectrum owns Remington, Black & Decker, George Foreman and more than 40 other personal care, home, garden and pet care brands worldwide.

Other recently added clients include the city of Youngstown’s American Rescue Plan Distribution Committee and the Youngstown Foundation.

Last year, Pecchia Comm completed a major internal project for Wendy’s Company, the national quick service restaurant chain.

“Like our work with Wendy’s, Wrangler, the state of Ohio and other large organizations that have hired us recently for communications support around major changes, the engagement with Spectrum Brands is 100% remote,” Pecchia says.

“This is part of the new normal for us. In this online-first world, our experience in this particular niche enables us to land work far from Youngstown and save clients a lot of travel expense.”

Pictured at top: Dan Pecchia and Joe Catullo say more firms are embracing video communication.