Big Dog Races Have National Draw

STONEBORO, Pa. – Big Dog RC hosted several national-level races in 2022.

The business, owned by John and Robin Raskob, is a hobby shop with indoor and outdoor racetracks for radio-controlled cars. 

“Big Dog is one of the top-rated indoor, RC model-car racetracks in the country,” John Raskob says.

The business averages 200 drivers a week for its year-round events.

New in 2022 was the addition of a tri-level, 1/24th scale, indoor rock- crawling course designed for small 4×4 trucks, Raskob says.

Big Dog RC hosted several events for one of the longest-running radio-controlled car clubs in the country, the Midwest Series Nitro RC Club, which is more than 50 years old.

“The races attracted drivers from around the country,” Raskob says.

For winter racing, Big Dog RC has a dedicated dirt off-road track of 4,200 square feet with over 400 tons of clay. The track is changed every six to eight weeks by forming new jumps and turns to keep the layout fresh for the drivers. Also, a dirt oval offers racing three times a week.

Another addition in 2022 was the All Access Track Pass, which gives drivers access to the tracks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition to the Raskobs, Big Dog RC has three part-time employees. It was founded in 2010.