Palo Creative Strengthens Team, Workforce Culture

BOARDMAN – For 24 years, Palo Creative has helped businesses grow through thought-provoking digital marketing and advertising. In 2022, the company achieved significant growth of its own.

Founder and CEO Rob Palowitz says this past year he invested heavily in something that he values more than anything – his team.

With the hiring of five full-time employees, one part-time employee and three interns, Palo’s workforce now stands at 23, the most in the company’s history.

“We are always looking to find individuals who match our core values and are committed to being part of a team where they can make a difference,” says Palowitz. “We give our team the opportunity to take ownership and showcase artistic license with all their work. I tell everyone, ‘I want you to grow personally and professionally while you are here,’ and I mean that.”

To strengthen team cohesion, Palowitz implemented a culture committee to make improvements to the workplace environment. As a result, Palo executed an intern program for acquiring top talent, built an employee lounge – snacks included, giving employees a place to take a break, have lunch and brainstorm.

Also in 2022, Palo expanded its footprint in the manufacturing, senior living, restaurant and family services sectors. The company plans to continue the momentum by adding more clients as it provides strategic solutions that build strong brand preference and encourage engagement.

“It’s always important to stay flexible and be responsive with marketing. The ways we effectively reach targeted audiences are evolving daily. So it’s important to stay on top of the most cutting-edge strategies in order to stay relevant. This can open the door and potentially grow presence and market share,” Palowitz says.

The Palo team supports the community, he adds, by donating to local charities, participating in Operation Christmas Child and helping renovate a home for Habitat for Humanity.