IDMI Sees Growth in ‘Free Choice’ Portal

POLAND – In its 25th year of business, IDMI.Net, based in Poland, saw growth in its customer base, product offerings and sales dollars.

The digital design and marketing agency also saw growth of its Free Choice of Provider portal for government agencies as a resource for individuals who need assistance with developmental, mobility or other health care-related issues, says Anthony DePinto, IDMI chief information officer. The portal allows case management online and addresses challenges faced by any county board of developmental disabilities, while ensuring an individual’s right to choose qualified and willing service providers.

DePinto says the agency noticed several trends in 2022. With more consumers wanting to shop and research online, companies and organizations shifted their focus to online. IDMI helped its clients transition through a combination of website redesigns, search engine optimization, content building through blogs and news feeds and social media management.

“At IDMI.Net, we continue to pride ourselves on our standard of work and long-lasting relationships in an industry noted for high churn,” DePinto says.