Synergy Comp Sees 24% Growth Rate

SHARON, Pa. – Synergy Comp Insurance Co. has weathered the challenging business climate with an eye to the future, bringing on new team members including its president, Chris Blough.

“Synergy maintained its strong growth trend in 2022, picking up 24% of growth year-over-year,” he says.

The mission of Synergy Comp, a solution for workers’ compensation insurance, is to make workplaces safer. The company was founded in 2006 and has 64 employees.

Synergy Comp was recently upgraded to an “A” rating by AM Best. It works with clients in eight states.

“We will be focusing on improving our technology, gaining efficiency and process improvement, allowing our past successes to be scalable as we grow,” Blough says.

Synergy supports local charities and scholarships for early childhood education and pre-K day care services through the Synergy Comp Foundation.