Adolph Johnson Adapts To Market Conditions

By Paul Johnson
President, Adolph Johnson & Son

MINERAL RIDGE – As Bob Dylan sang, “For the times they are a changing.” Everyone is experiencing the changes in today’s world and Adolph Johnson & Son Co. is no exception.

The construction industry is experiencing long lead times for materials and significant price increases. In response, we look to alternative materials and methods to circumvent or mitigate the unavailability and inflated costs. 

Labor has been in short supply because of the effects of COVID-19 and strong demand for construction personnel. We are fortunate to have added apprentice carpenters to bolster our crews. They will benefit from the guidance of our veteran craftsmen.

Technology has enhanced the productivity, effectiveness and communication of the management side of the construction process. This allows us to meet increased demand for contracting and design/build services. 

Project management software has benefited office and field operations and enhanced the customer’s experience. Estimating related software increases our capacity to prepare estimates.

Looking back at 2021, it was a successful year in large part because of the dedication and persistence of our team, both employees and external providers. 

In 2022 a diminished COVID presence, a reining in of inflation and, hopefully, regulatory restraint would set the stage for a strong economy and demand for construction services, both nationally and regionally.

Along with many charitable contributions in 2021, last year was the first year for the award of the Adolph Johnson Scholarship at Youngstown State University.  The scholarship is an annual award to a student who aspires to live the “American dream,” much as a young immigrant from Sweden named Adolph Johnson succeeded in doing when he founded our company in 1919.