G.W. Becker Automates First Coil-Handling Crane Via Magnet

HERMITAGE, Pa. – G.W. Becker Inc. in Hermitage, Pa., posted an increase in revenue in 2021 as it began to recover from the pandemic.

The company, which deals in overhead crane products and solutions, manufactured the first automated coil-handling cranes in the United States in 2021, according to Ron Piso, sales director.

The project consisted of four top-running automated cranes that were installed in a steel-tube manufacturing plant.

Piso says the pandemic inspired the company to equip its team with the resources to communicate with customers no matter where they are.

“We are creating videos that demonstrate our capabilities and the features of our products,” he says.

And G.W. Becker is addressing supply-chain issues and workforce shortages by being as transparent as possible, creating alternative suppliers and expediting orders.

“The volatile nature of steel pricing has impacted our business. But our customers have been very willing to work with us as many of them are also impacted by the rising price of steel,” Piso says.

While there is still much uncertainty with rising inflation and the upcoming elections, the manufacturing industry is booming and demand continues to grow, according to Piso.

“We believe our company and industry will continue to expand far beyond 2022,” he says.

G.W. Becker, he adds, is seeing increased interest in automation and technology advancement and is preparing to meet the challenge.