Just Pizzelles to Expand Subscription Program

CORTLAND, Ohio – Just Pizzelles in Cortland plans to introduce a corporate gift option based on the reception of its newly introduced monthly subscription box, says owner Christina Benton.

Despite 2021 being a challenging year for many companies, Just

Pizzelles was able to continue to increase its sales and expand its customer base.

“Even though the company has always had an e-commerce store, business expanded greatly on this platform during the pandemic and continues to do so,” she says.

“The company has expanded its social media presence with various collaborations along with adding multiple online marketing strategies.”

The monthly subscription box program lets customers sign up through the website to have an assortment of pizzelle cookies delivered directly to their doorsteps, Benton says.

The pizzelle flavors are themed around monthly holidays and seasons and even include some flavors in the testing phase.

“Because this product has been such a wonderful addition, the company plans to introduce a corporate gifting option based off of this model and looks forward to helping local businesses with their customer gifting and employee retention needs,” she says.

Just Pizzelles also will work with fundraiser programs to help meet organization financial goals, donate pizzelles to several charity and fundraising events. The company participates in single-line events throughout Cortland to help build awareness and importance of supporting small business.

This month, Just Pizzelles is rolling out a program that partners with a nonprofit organization to offer a special product from which proceeds will be donated to the charity of the month, Benton says.

The first partnership, with the American Red Cross, will feature a special red gift box with  an assortment of February-type flavors and colors.